About Great Commission Churches

Great Commission Churches is a non- denomination, evangelical oriented church ministry, headquartered in Kenya, committed to evangelism, discipleship and leadership development.


Twenty years ago a group of godly women and a woman sat down to discuss a vision. Bishop Moses Wang’ombe the general overseer had come from a short missionary visit to United States of America. He shared his vision with the brothers and that sharing brought the birth of now the household name of great commission ministries. The 20 years of this ministries existence has seen growth. Which could never have been bought by any human genius. In the midst of much oppressive economic, social and political struggles in the country, this ministry never looked back.

In harsh conditions we have had our young church burned down by traditional religious adherents; deceived and our money stolen by corrupted community leaders, but this ministry pursued a selfless vision and a purpose.

But in spite of this we give God all the glory who has enabled us for the last ten years through thick and thin to reach people , villages and communities with the life changing message of our lord Jesus the Christ; glory to his holy name!

God works though people to accomplish his purpose. There are men and women have partnered with great commission team in Kenya for the growth of this work.


  1. To evangelize the lost.
  2. Disciple believers
  3. Plant disciple making churches in all nations beginning in Kenya.
  4. To train and equip every for the work of the ministry.
  5. To seek cooperation with other Christian ministries to fulfill, the great commission
  6. Develop church leaders who will fulfill the great commission.
  7. To be involved in the great compassion

Mathew 25:1. “ And the king shall announce and say unto them , verily I say unto you, in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me.

Our challenge

To reverse the tendency of the modern church of making as my followers with a limited number of ordained clergy. It is this ministries commitment and all her affiliates to selflessly bring up believers to maturity and to make them effective witnessed of Jesus Christ.


  1. Great commission churches will strongly emphasize and focus on growth of believers and open opportunities for ministry. The pastors and leaders will strongly focus n Ephesians 4:11. This will assist believers to understand the expectations over them, which is to mature and be involved in works of service. Leaders of all departments are all to familiarize themselves with God’s agendas for the church.
  2. To accomplish world gospel outreach objective; this ministry in partnership with other like mined ministries is omitted both in Kenya, Africa and the rest of the world to raise selfless leaders for missions.
  3. Great commission is committed to touch people’s lives with the love of Christ. This is especially so in the continent of Africa where people continue to be ravaged by poverty.
  4. Great commission ministries believes and knowledge the need for a holistic ministry. Our Lords Jesus was compassionately touched by the human physical needs; he healed the sick and fed the hungry. We seek partnership with churches, Christian organization. N.G.O’S and government agencies to assist the needy.
  5. The following is undertaken in this ministry emergency relief services, medical services education, training, assisting children in difficulty circumstances, provision for seed money for shall scale business.
  6. The motivation behind this ministry without compromise, is the belief that Jesus and only him is eternal God’s answer to the human race; that every person should have a chance and be given an opportunity to hear his message and make a choice of his/her eternal destiny.


  1. Disciplining, developing and supporting local pastors to reach their communities.
  2. Bringing worship centers closer to communities for believers to reach their communities.
  3. Distributing bibles to English speaking peoples especially the youth for biblical enlightenment.
  4. Spiritual development seminars for young pastors and church leaders.
  5. Assisting poor families though provision of seed money for small business.
  6. Great commission Sacco has been started.